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Welcome to Europe’s newest Motorcycle Rally. Our ethos is all about you. This is the Rally for bikers by bikers. Ride through the lands of Lúgh, one of the chief deities of the Irish pantheon, on the roads where the myths and legends began. Visit the Mound of Darkness, the greatest example of Celtic crosses on Earth, the Mound of Ireland’s first Warrior Poet, see the stone that kept the mighty Cú Chulainn aloft, reflect with the stations at St. Brigid’s Shrine or even defy gravity by rolling up a magic hill. From the Biker Village we have the best in live music, stunt riding, keg hauling, flame throwing, mechanical bull riding and lots more.

The Rally of Lúgh Longarm

The lands of Louth will rumble once more as we follow the path of the ancient God Lúgh whose name has been given to this county. In Louth, we pride ourselves on being the region where most Irish myths and legends take place. But to us, it’s not considered folklore.... it’s our DNA. Not only does he lend his name to this county but the month August is also named in his honor and August is the Irish month of the ancient Chariot so we ride with the Gods and Goddesses of the land keeping their memories alive and strong.

If you’re a rally fanatic or rally first timer these 3 days have got 2 things in mind – YOU the biker and FUN.... Are you ready? We’re gonna rock so let’s R.O.L.L. The Rally Of Lúgh Longarm is a rally for all bikers of all levels. Whether you are thinking if biking is for you (it is), we have quality experts to show you the ropes, to the saddle hardened veterans who ride the tarmac when mere mortals are done, this is an event where people will return again and again. It is a rally for meeting new folks and having annual reunions. Join us in celebrating 3 days of the best scenery, history, music and old school revelry that all bikers will enjoy. All the while making new lifelong friends.


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