How To Get There

Just 45 minutes from Dublin and an hour from Belfast

From Dublin direction on the M1

Take exit 10 off the m1 (Drogheda North) and at the roundabout exit to Collon (R168). Turn Left at N2 in Collon and turn Left at first crossroads ( Geraghty Concrete is on the corner). The museum & park is 1.5 km on the left.

From Belfast direction on the M1

Take exit 12 off the M1 (Dunleer/Collon) and proceed through Collon in the direction of Slane for 1.8 km. Turn Left at the first crossroads (Geraghty Concrete is on the corner). The museum & park is 1.5 km on the left
Directions from the N2 
If travelling north, pass through slane village and proceed approximately 6km towards Collon turning Right at Geraghty Concrete. If coming from Ardee/Collon turn Left at Geraghtys Concrete

From Drogheda Bus Station

A 15 minute bus ride will leave Drogheda Bus Eireann Station at 10.10, 11.10, 12.10, 13.10, 15.10, 16.10, 17.10 and 18.10 on the Saturday. The last return Bus Eireann is at 18.00 but we will have our own shuttle service leaving the venue at 23.00 and 23.58 (for all you metal heads) returning to the Drogheda Bus Eireann Station.

On Sunday the Bus Eireann departs the Drogheda Bus Eireann Station at 11.15, 15.15 and 17.15. Again, our shuttle bus will bring you to Drogheda Bus Eireann Station at 23.00 and 23.58.

Please note that these times are correct at the time of posting and we have no control over any changes to the Bus Eireann Timetable.



Westcourt Hotel - 041 9830965
The D Hotel - 041 9877700
Boyne Valley Country Club - 041 9837732
Scholars Hotel - 041 9835410
Glenside Hotel - 041 9829999
City North Hotel - 01 6906666
Spoon and Stars B&B - 041 9873333
Windsor Lodge - 041 9841966
Orley House - 041 9836019
Roseville Lodge - 041 9834046
Aaron Vale B&B - 041 9839210
Drogheda Townhouse - 086 8547652
Killowen House - 041 9833547



Rally Of Lúgh Longarm is committed to ensuring that all our visitors have the best chance possible to enjoy the Festival.

What Do I Need To Bring?

Clothes for warm and cold weather 
Waterproofs – Who Knows.

Wellies – Coz they look cool

Sun cream – Lather Up

Sunhat – And maybe Shades

Torch – For the ring that you dropped at night

Also – if you are camping:
Sleeping bag, 
toilet paper. 

If needed, you can buy emergency toiletries at the festival.

Car Parking

Car Parking will be provided in the field next to the venue. Please note that cars are parked at owners risk be it from human damage or weather related.

Site Layout And Ground Conditions

We will endeavour to ensure all facilities are accessible, however, visitors should bear in mind that this Festival is on a field at the top of a hill.  The site is mostly grassed and has natural inclines and dips.  During inclement weather these can become boggy and some areas of the site may not be suitable for wheelchairs.  However, our stewards are on hand at all times and will be happy to assist wherever possible.

The Festival site is relatively compact, with the maximum distance from the Car Park to the Arena entrance being approximately 30metres. The distance from the Arena entrance to the stage is approximately 150metres.

Arena Facilities

All performances take place in one main Arena.  The Arena entrance is located approximately 10metres away from the Campsite.  Unisex accessible toilets are provided.

Strobe Lighting

Please be aware that this is a music festival and as such strobe lighting will be part of the performances taking place.

Loud Music

Please be aware that this is a music festival and as such loud music will play during the whole of the festival duration. Adequate protection should be considered.

Age Policy

Rally Of Lugh Longarm is a rock festival and is, by the nature of its genre, sometimes unsuitable for younger children. Children 14 and under are not charged to enter the arena but must be accompanied by an adult at all times. We advise you to write your mobile number on the wristband of your children so that we can contact you if they become lost.

Anyone under 18 years of age is not able to buy a ticket or attend the festival alone. Attendees under 18 will need to be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18. 
The maximum of four attendees under 18 can accompany a single adult when attending. In all cases, please ensure you have I.D. available for inspection. 

Alcohol Policy

Please note that we are operating a challenge 21 system. If you are aged 18-21 you must have Garda clearance I.D. If bar staff believe you to be under the age of 21 (if you are blessed with youthful looks), you must produce I.D. regardless of your age. If bar staff deem that you’ve had enough to drink, you must comply with the findings or risk eviction from the arena.

Drug Policy

Guests may be searched on entry to the event. If you are in possession of illegal substances you will be refused entry and may be arrested. 


The campsites are provided for FESTIVAL GOERS ONLY, a valid festival ticket is required by everyone that stays on site.

The festival site opens for camping on Friday 28th July from 8pm. The Festival Arena will be open for admission from 11am until 10.30pm on the Saturday & Sunday - there will be no admission to the festival arena outside of these times. Food and non-alcoholic drinks are available throughout the night from campsite vendors. All vehicles and campers must exit the site by 11am on Monday 31st July.

No sound systems or amplified music are allowed on site. People who disregard this regulation will have their equipment confiscated. This is so we can ensure that the festival does not exceed the permitted sound limits set out in our license. Tents are not available to hire, but you can bring your own tent and camping gear.

Rally Of Lugh Longarm will allow live-in vehicles into the appropriate section of the campsite and charges will apply at the normal camping rates. Once the live-in vehicle has been unhitched (if applicable) the car must be returned to the main car park. A live-in vehicle is one which is specifically adapted for sleeping such as camper vans or caravans. Strictly no cars - cars will not be allowed onto the campsite unless towing a caravan.

The area for camping is used as part of the Irish Military War Museum for the rest of the year so it doesn’t have power or septic tanks. We must run the camping areas this way to comply with the event license, and other health and safety regulations.

As it’s our first year and different regulations are monitored, we won’t be permitting use of barbecues or any open fires.
You may bring a personal supply of alcohol with you into the campsites (decanted into plastic bottles, please), but you will not be able to bring it into the festival arena where there are licensed bars. This will be STRICTLY adhered to and you may be searched and be asked to return the alcohol to your tent or live-in vehicle.

Tents are not available to hire, but you can bring your own tent and camping gear. There will be toilets which will be cleaned at regular intervals, as well as hot shower facilities.  There will be water supplied in containers in the campsite. Campers can use this to fill their own bottles. Please do not leave valuables in your tent or car. Keep your possessions with you.
Please note that the campsite closes and must be empty by 11am on Monday 31st July. 

Lost And Found

Any lost property handed into the festival is kept at the site office, situated backstage, and will be kept there until 4pm on the Monday 31st July. Any remaining lost property is taken offsite after that time. 

If you have lost anything, please email us and give as full a description of the lost item/s, where you think you might have lost it/them and your contact details.


Please help us keep the R.O.L.L. Festival tidy –The Irish Military War Museum is a working area and we want to treat the land with respect! 

Absolutely no glass whatsoever is allowed on the entire festival site – this includes the camping areas. Prior to arrival, please decant any wine or spirits into plastic bottles before you proceed to the camping areas. Recycling bins will be available in the campsites and throughout the festival site for recycling plastic, card and tin. Please help us keep the festival looking beautiful. In the campsite, you will find special recycling areas where you can deposit recycling waste, and normal bins for general rubbish.  We have a team of recyclers who will be on hand to sort through the rubbish, but we rely on your help to make their job manageable.

Any areas where you cannot smoke will have ‘No Smoking’ signs - please adhere to them.


Tickets will be sent to the address specified when booking. 

If you ordered more than one ticket, your tickets will be dispatched to the address you provided for the first name on your booking. It is expected that you will receive your tickets at least 14 days before the Festival starts.

You may want to check whether your ticket is covered by your own personal insurance. The deadline for ticket refunds is 31st May 2018.
If you are unable to come to the Festival, and require a refund for your ticket, please email lughlongarmfestival@yahoo.com before midnight 31st May 2018. A €5 administration charge (per ticket) will be retained from all refunded tickets.

Tickets are non-refundable after the deadline of 31st May 2018.

Unfortunately, if tickets are delivered to ticket holders, and subsequently lost, destroyed or misplaced, we cannot replace them.


1. Caravans and Camper Vans require a separate ticket.

2. Tickets will not be available from ticket traders and unauthorised agencies. Tickets are security printed so please beware of forgeries.

3. Official merchandise will be available on site.

4. Please use the toilets and urinals and do not pollute the festival site.

5. Please use the litterbins and recycling points provided.

6. Your vehicle may be searched by security personnel at the vehicle gates on entry to the Festival car parks.

7. You may be searched at the entrance. Any items which the organisers consider may be used in an illegal or offensive manner shall be confiscated. Persons suspected of carrying out illegal and/or offensive activities onsite may be searched.

8. No animals are allowed on site with the exception of registered guide dogs.

9. Fireworks, Chinese/flying lanterns, flares, tin foil barbeques and the burning of plastics are not permitted.

10. To protect your own safety and those of other guests, please act responsibly.

11. Medical treatment at R.O.L.L. is provided by the on site medical team who are a separate legal entity. Any claims resulting from medical treatment on site should be directed to them. The Rally Of Lugh Longarm (promoter and producer) accepts no liability for any injury, claim or damages resulting from any medical treatment on site.

12. Disabled facilities – please email lughlongarmfestival@yahoo.com for information.

13. Anyone resisting confiscation of disallowed items or disregarding these conditions will face eviction from the site.

14. Smoking is not permitted in enclosed public areas

15.  Longarm does not offer refunds in the event of lost or stolen tickets or where the ticket holder cannot attend the festival due to reasons beyond the Festival’s control. You might consider it prudent to insure the value of your ticket in the event of such loss.
16. Longarm reserves the right to change the line-up without prior notice, and is not responsible for artist cancellations.

17. The festival site opens for camping on Friday 28th July from 8pm. Food stalls outside the arena will also be open from then. 


If you have any further queries on booking tickets or facilities at the Festival, please get in touch.
E-mail: lughlongarmfestival@yahoo.com

Please be assured that all of us at Longarm will endeavour to make your visit as enjoyable as possible!