Parasite Inc.

German Melodic Death Metal

The band formed in 2007 after guitar player Kai Bigler and drummer Benjamin Stelzer (ex-Livid Halcyon) decided to start a band. The line-up was completed by Benedikt Grubauer (guitar) and Patrick Hauf (bass). During the first two years the band wrote songs for an album and played several concerts. In early 2010 they released a self-titled demo album, which has been recorded in late 2009 in the band’s own recording studio. The mixing was done by Hendrik Kröger, while the mastering was done by the band itself. About that time Patrick Hauf left the band and was replaced by Sebastian Schmid (ex-Shattered). The demo received critical acclaim and high review scores and had been sold out soon. In the same year Parasite Inc. was chosen out of over 2.000 applicants to play at the Summer Breeze Open Air as part of the New Blood Award.

In the following years the band played many more concerts among others with Hatesphere, The Sorrow, Hackneyed or Akrea. In summer 2011 Benedikt Grubauer left the band and was replaced by Kevin Sierra (ex-Hackneyed). In 2012 Parasite Inc. signed a record deal with Good Damn Records (now renamed to Rebel Tune Records). For their first official release Time Tears Down they re-recorded all songs of the demo album alongside 5 new songs. The album was mixed by the band itself and mastered by Jens Bogren (Fascination Street Studios). During the recordings Sebastian Schmid left the band. Stefan Krämer (Torment Tool, ex-Shattered) took his place.

Time Tears Down has been released on August 2, 2013 via Good Damn Records. The album received very good reviews and high ratings by leading German metal magazines. It also reached number 26 in the official German rock-metal charts and stayed several weeks in the top 30. The music video for the song The Pulse Of The Dead was especially successful on YouTube .